More than last 4500 years, Ayurveda is serving for the betterment of mankind. Since Rugveda, the utilities of herbal drugs and afterwards from the era of Nagarjuna, herbo-mineral drugs are curing millions of patients without any side effects. Last few years there is a wide change in the views of western countries towards herbal medicine. Yoga, a sister branch of Ayurveda has definitely established its feet in western countries.

about college

Government Ayurveda College, Nanded, one of the oldest health institute in Marathwada region is recognized by the Central Council of Indian Medicine, New Delhi and Maharashtra University for Health Sciences, Nasik. This institute is not only a education and training centre but is a well-known and established commercial pharmaceutical outlet for Ayurvedic formulations. PG departments in nearly all the subjects of Ayurveda, is another specialty of this institute. At any time more than 100 PG Scholars are  doing research under their able guides in different subjects. Shalya department of this institute is one of the best department in Maharashtra, which from the start is having a special facility of anesthetist from modern sciences. Dravyaguna department along with its regular herbal garden in the college premises, is having a 300 acres medicinal plantation in the near region of Nanded city.